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What is Ashi-Thai?

Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified to include the overhead bar system and therapists’ body positioning so no heavy lifting or bending occurs at the waist.  It's an amazing marriage of Ashiatsu Massage and traditional Thai Massage that can easily be incorporated into a regular Ashiatsu session or Swedish massage session and can also be considered as a stand-alone treatment. It takes the yoga like stretching and compressing of Thai Massages, puts the fully clothed client on the massage table, and with the therapist using their feet in the “Ashi” or “foot” way (just like in Ashiatsu Massages) to deliver the deeply relaxing and revitalizing way to decrease pain and increase flexibility. 


The combination of techniques has been arranged following traditional Thai energy lines and stretches for elongating and relieving tightness in commonly used muscle groups. Clients of every age and size can benefit from this massage, famous for back and hip pain relief, increased flexibility, and deep relaxation. Ashi-Thai is an effective bodywork treatment for all types of athletic injuries.


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